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RSS Feeds coming to life…


Here’s a video from CES 2007 showing RSS Feeds coming to life from your computer screen to a physical LCD on your desktop. This shouldn’t be too hard to make but maybe making like a podcast device would be…

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DIY Hack – Make a Spud Gun

[gv data=”KZZYZlvXO_o”][/gv]

Here’s a cool video on making a spud gun from scratch from Bre at Make, kinda neat…gotta watch out for popo…

pretty good fuel, hair spray…wow that thing is nice though…goes like 200 yards…

This video podcast was inspired by William Gurstelle’s article in Make 03. You can go to this blogpost to download a pdf with all the instructions to make your own “Tazer-Totter.”

I record the po

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