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Javascript DIY – How to Code Faster with jQuery Plugins!


jQuery is basically javascript extended, helping you get things done faster instead of you trying to code javascript from scratch.  I just noticed on Twitter TripWireMagazine.com has a great blog post on Top 25 jQuery plugins that can help you finish your web project faster.

I’ve been working hard on TwitLi.st for last few weeks and regret I didn’t use any jQuery libraries ins

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WordPress DIY – Best Plugin Picks

So, here’s another good WordPress video, which offers some picks for wordpress plugins.

I use a number of these plugins on my blog, and I know Max uses a lot of these as well here at Zedomax.

Again, this is pretty basic stuff, but it’s a great refresher and a reminder about some excellent plugins that you might have missed.

Sorry, it’s sort of a boring video. But the info is great for beginners.

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