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Advice Please for Filmmakers!

Well, I’ve been trying to make cool short films now, it’s been a year since I bought the Canon 7D and have been working on my video editing skills here and there.

I need some real advice to help my skills get better so if there’s any filmmakers out there, please critique me on what I did wrong and what I can do better, here’s my first short film, sorta:

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Faulty Wii straps

Faulty wii straps are becoming too problematic it seems, even in our earlier wii and ps3 party, it seems with overzealous users and some booze, the straps will not maintain itself with just some string type deal.

Here’s the first challenge to Nintendo. Make a wireless motion controller that is like a golf glove!


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DIY – Minimalist Solar-powered Robot

Check out this awesome solar-bot!

We are getting a lot of good ideas on what to do with this…hmmm….

any ideas appreciated on some ideas (please leave comments if you’ve got ideas for expanding this DIY)

[gv data=”BQjmZaHMCZ8″][/gv]

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