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DIY HACK – HOWTO build An Internet Controlled Security Robot with GPS!



Looks like Shelto has been updating his internet robot project from couple months ago.

Check out this cool internet controlled security robots made with some CUBLOC PLCs and GPS modules.

We’ve lowered the overall profile and gi

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The Top 5 Engineering Magazines

Here’s a good list of magazines that should help you get a feel for the engineering industry including application, products, and just for the hell of it. (It’s also the ones we subscribe to regularly…)

(Click on the magazine to go to their homepage)

Make has bunch of cool projects including the DIY coffee roaster among other cool stuff… They have a blog too.  (just in

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In-rack wireless modules for PLCs

Here’s a cool radio gizmo wireless module you can use for PLCs and other “industrial” applications.  You could probably use it with CUBLOC or CuTOUCH too… Check out Prosoft Technologies for more info.

Frequency hopping (FHSS) radios create robust serial and/orEthernet

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