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Best MP3 Player Review – Not an iPod Sorry!

Surprisingly, many people “don’t” know which MP3 player is the best.  It’s not iPod, iPod Touch, nor the iPhone.

I am not talking about which MP3 player can browse the web, have touch interface, or download new paid apps, not all that junk I don’t need while I listen to my music.

I personally own an iPod and an iPod Touch but I rarely use them as my

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iPhone 3G Battery!

Need extra talking/playing time on your new iPhone 3G that’s still so slow?

Well, here’s the iPhone 3G battery pack.

A new lithium ion Battery for iPhone 3G. It provides a capacity of 1,200mAh. Can be charged by USB connection and offer 36 additional hours for music, 7 additional hours for video, and 3.5 for communication.

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