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Game and Game World Championships 2007

Looks like you can win $5000 for first place at the Game and Game World Championships 2007. Just don’t end up lookin’ like this guy. I know there are other tournaments you can win a lot more money… Then again, these guys get paid like at least 6 figures from their sponsors such as Samsung and all those cellphone companies in Korea. I envy these guys who can play games for a living and they are not even 20 yet&#

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Cool Nintendo GameCube Zelda Mod on eBay!

I finally got my HP DV9000-CTO notebook back from HP.  Somehow, my motherboard burned out but they replaced it so that’s good.

Michael Page submitted his cool GameCube Zelda mod on ebay. Check it out and bid on it if you want it before someone else takes it!

I just finished making my Gold Zelda GameCube. I am selling it on eBay and giving a portion to the ‘ch

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