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How to Build a DIY Shade/Heating Plant Grow Table!

I’ve been thinking about adding some shade to my recent flowers I planted in the garden due to some of the flowers burning and rotting away in the California sun, which is very strong. For this, I was thinking about perhaps putting a tarp over it with some pvc piping to make a mini tent but I found a better idea, use pvc pipes and bend them in a way you can put garden share over it. And in the winter months, you can swap it out for thin plastic sheeting to get a greenhouse effect.

This seems much simple and more cost effective over buying greenhouse kits on Amazon.

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Garden DIY – How to Make a Growing Garden Green Chair!

Wow, here’s another great idea for growing a garden on a chair.  If you have some skills with custom acrylic designs, this might be just the perfect way to use your creativity while saving space for your plants.

For those who like laying back in the garden and leaning against a sturdy tree or bush while quietly reading a book, this grow-it-yourself natural wood furniture concept might readily take root in your imagination. Best of all, you can watch while your favorite new seat grows right up from the ground in your own backyard or from a pot on the patio or porch.

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Garden DIY – How to Maintain a Good Garden with a Plant Sensor!

For those of you enthusiastic gardeners out there, you might be happy to learn that there’s a better way to maintain your garden with the plant sensor.

The EasyBloom plant sensor allows you to sense humidity, water drainage, and temperature.  Simply stick it where your plants grow for a day, then stick the data via USB to your computer where you can analyze the environment where your plants are growing.

If you have a garden with inconsistent growth in certain parts, this

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Garden Green DIY – How to Convert a CarPort into a GreenHouse!

Living in the city most of my life, I am having some withdrawls for a garden.  Anyways, if you have an old carport laying around, here’s how to convert it easily into a greenhouse and grow your favorite plants. – link

Also check out these cool E-books you can buy:

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Top 5 Cool Twitter Hacked Gadgets!

Well, I’ve been slowly blogging and twittering over at TweetHacking.com, here’s the Top 5 cool twitter hacked gadgets for this last week:

Botanicalls is a ethernet device that lets you monitor your plants via Twitter.  For example, if your plant needs to be watered, you will get a tweet for that.  I highly like this one as there’s going to be a slew of apps related with gardening for Twitter.

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MIT DIY Robot Gardners!

Here’s some interesting news from researchers at MIT developing robot “Garden” automation.  I have to speculate on how “effective” this would be but I imagine it will be highly effective than not.

From the looks, it seems they’ve put a webcam, servo motor, and other goodies for plants in the project.  This might be a sign that robot farming may not be too far from reality.

Heck, I’d like to purchase one of these robotic garden kits at Wal-Mart and grow my own “automated” farm with abili

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Green DIY – How to Green Your Apartment!

As people are becoming more conscious about our environment, we need to make sure each and everyone of us do their part.  Even if “greening” is not scientifically correct, it’s a great way to conserve whatever we have left on earth.

My advice is to make sure to recycle and let no food get leftover.

Here’s a couple more from Missy over at our green blog:

Use An Eco friendly Laundry Detergent Most people do laundry weekly, so try to be selective with the detergent that you’re using. Make sure it’s all natural and bio-degradable so that it won’t har

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Hydroponic DIY – How to Make an LED Plant Growing Box!

I am not to sure what types of plants you could grow using this cool DIY LED Plant growing box but it sure is safer than using halogen lamps and burning down your whole house.

I am going to test it out on some guinea pig plants now and if I start seeing tall spindly growth I can easily switch out the current while LEDs with some ultra bright blue LEDs by simply pulling out the socket, swap out old LED (save some other pr

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DIY Hydroponocs – How to Make your own Hydroponics system!

Here’s a cool DIY hydroponics system you can make for growing all types of your favorite plants indoors.

This is a great way to keep your plants constantly filled with nutrients, now don’t burn your house down with lamps that are too powerful.

The air pump has become a staple component in most systems for various reasons. Moving water with air makes complete sense to me while solving several issues and being cheap, reliable and easily serviceable. Pump maintenance is algae free and time will tell just how reliable.

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DIY – How to Re-use Excess Waste and Make Your Own Rich Soil!


Check out this cool DIY on how to re-use leaves, urine, and other excess waste into a DIY Compost Tumbler to make your own rich soil.

If you like gardening or if you are simply into making rich soil that will make your plants grow fast and healthy, you might want to check it out.

he video above comes to us via YouTube user Bongosmania, and gives detailed instructions on building an inexpensive compost tumbler which, according to the creator, can produce rich compost in 14-21 days!


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