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Remote Head-Mount Gyroscope-Controlled Camera Plane

[gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-2237947353453839215&hl=en” width=”670″ height=”400″][/gv]

Cool project, I need one of these…wow.  Check out how you can do a virtual tour of the golf course by flying “virtually”…

“of airplane mounted camera with video goggles and a gyroscope to control the pan of the camera! Watch for the loop-de-loop and rolls! The realistic gages that you can see in the cockpit are a nice touch! I’ll be giving a short KAP presentation with some other aerial

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Plane powered by Oxyride dry cell batteries

imagine pulling into work with one of these 😛

I wonder if this will ever go commercial? I hope so and not at the same time. Don’t really want drunken people flying into my house at night (-.-) Either way much props to this team!

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