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Food Hack – How to Make Ms. Pacman Pizza!

For those of you who want to get creative this holiday, try making one of these awesome Ms. Pacman Pizzas with food coloring! (and yes, this is from the author of Pacman Cookies…)

As a former Pizza Hut employee like 10+ years ago, I can appreciate pizzas.  I LOVE pizza!

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Food USB Drives from Brando!

Check out some of the gravy food USB Drives from Brando.

The one pictured above are actually pizza and hamburger flash drives. – USB Fast Food Flash Drive

Here’s the Pizza USB Flash Drive close-up.  Looks pretty authentic too me, is that peperoni, tomato, pineapple, and green peppers?  Kinda bad choice of toppings there.

Ohhh, I do like this cheesburger USB

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$13.3 Million of Earth Class Mail vs. $1 SiteHoppin

Here’s a showcase of the website that has $13.3 million invested in it versus our new site, SiteHoppin.com, which pretty costed nothin’ but my brain on some php.

Earth Class Mail was first launched on September 2005! SiteHoppin launched 8 days ago. Here’s the Alexa stats comparing the two:

The only reason I am posting this is because I expect somethi

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Gadgets from Target for $29.99

Today, I went on a Target shopping spree this weekend for a little while to buy some stuff and found some cool gadgets…

Here are the 3 cool stuff I found:

Laptop Chiller at Target Link

This seems to be a very useful gadget for many laptop users as it cools and a

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