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Laundry Hack – How to Hack the Laundry Card Machine!

This is probably illegal but for those of you who like tinkering around, you might just want to hack your laundry card machine so you can decide how much to put on it.   Hey, this could be helpful for those of you who have lost jobs and struggling to even put meals on the table.   Let’s just say if you are doing that bad, perhaps this hack will help you get some free laundry done.

*Note – We don’t condone any illegal hacking here at Zedomax.com, this is for purely informational purposes only!  Don’t call/blame us if you end up in jail!

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Pirate LED Mug lets you drink Coffee in a Power-outage!

Power outages can happpen although not often and this Pirate LED Mug will let you keep drinking that nice cup of coffee regardless of light.

This large, clear plastic mug lights up when lifted off the table and stops when set down. Four bright-blue LEDs illuminate the mug and handle. The On/Off switch on the bottom of the mug will preserve batteries.

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