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Toddler DIY – How to Make a Toddler’s Foot Rest with PVC!

For those of you who have spent thousands on luxury furniture and your kids can’t sit comfortably on them yet, you might want to consider making them these cool toddler’s footrest from PVC pipes. This is a great idea since they are plastic and won’t scratch your expensive furniture.  (And yes, PVC pipes can be bought rather cheap at your local Home Depot so, win-win situation here for you and your furniture.)

If your kids are like mine, I strongly suggest letting

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Ikea Hack – How to Make a Bike Rack (or Pole)

Most of us think that bike racks mostly consist of a garage hanger and you’d hang your bike on the ceiling.

But, here’s a really innovative IKEA hack that uses IKEA parts to make a Bike Rack Pole that wills stand vertically while letting you keep 2-3 bikes.

he says, “there are a lot bicycle storage/rack-systems on the market, but none of them met my expectations in function/style and price. i wanted to get 2 bikes on a wall in my apartment.

all you need to get from ikea is one

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EcoJohn – Eco Toilet Incinerates your Poop!

This has to be the coolest eco-frienldy device for taking a dump.  It’s an Eco Toilet that works by incinerating your poop to white powder.  Even better, the incinerated poop can be used for adding nutrition to your plants.

With the Eco Toilet in the works, we will no longer need long septic pipes to our houses, just one little toilet that does the job for you.

Of course, I have not tested this unit.  The only thing I am afraid of is the fact that it’s going to smell somewhat like burnt po

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MySQL HACK – MySQL Performance Tuning

If you are a webmaster and you run a dedicated server, you might want to watch this video and learn some insights into MySQL performance tuning.

Jay Pipes, MySQL employee and co-author Pro MySQL, gave a great presentation to Google employees which covers a number of techniques for tuning performance on MySQL. His examples include debugging and analyzing problems as well as best practices

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Super Mario Brothers Car in Russia!

Check out this beautiful super mario brothers car! You will need to be an old-school NES fan like me to appreciate such artwork.

Even better, would someone come up with a “playable” super mario bros car?

..it’s the amazingly accurate and detailed Mario paint job. The mural contains Goombas, pipes, coins, blocks, red-shelled Koopas and of course, Mario-himself


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Snowboarder’s Sleep Dream – Pipe Hotel

Check out these really cool pipe hotel’s beds on rooms. It’s small but it’s quite comfy with ability to accidently roll over. The cool pipe slices are made up of bigger, giant pipes. (obviously) But, this is great way to re-using industrial surplus pipes into a modern comfy room. This is not a joke, the real thang.

Mit der Saisoneröffnung am 4 Mai startet dasparkhotel als eine neue Form eines Gastfreundschaftsgeräts im öffentlichen Raum 2007 bereits in seine dritte S

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