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Metal DIY – How to Remove Rust!

Removing rust can be a big headache but not if you use your brain a little and some electricity.

I used a 12V .5A power supply and attached the negative end to the pipe wrench and the positive end to a old piece of steel remesh. Both pipe wrench and remesh were put in a bucket of water that had some baking soda. After a few hours of bubbling I removed the pipe wrench and let it sit for a hour in a vinegar bath.

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Plumbing DIY – How to Unclog your Home Plumbing!

Clogged plumbing at home can sometimes be really easy to unclogg.  Here’s some great directions on how to do that:

Traps: If you have lost a valuable item such as a contact lens or ring, removing the trap, known as a “P” OR “S” trap, will be a perfect way to retrieve the lost item.

Step 1. Place a basin or bucket to catch water from the trap. If chemicals are present use a chemical resistant bucket and wear chemical resistant gloves. Also shield eyes.

Step 2. Loosen the two end nuts of the couplings. Some can be loosene

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