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Fun Interesting Gadgets for your Bedroom!

Check out this Pin Clock that uses individual little pins to display time, how cool is that!The Soda Cup Telephone definitely will keep all your secret conversations in stealth mode.

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NES Hack – How To Make an SNES Alarm Clock!


Here’s a really cool NES Hack that involves installing an alarm clock inside the SNES.  Of course, you can even use the joystick to set the time, which gets double-whammy thumbs up.

Our story begins with the gutting of the SNES and the desoldering of the cartridge connector and reset switch from the mainboard. To my great surprise and greater fortune, the cartridge connector’s pins were precisely the same pitch as the through-holes for the display ribbon on the alarm clock, and on top

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Pyro DIY – Fireworks Ignition Control System using Parallax SX48!

You know when it comes to New Years and Independence Day, you always get to see some really exotic, beautiful fireworks.  Well, all those fireworks are nowdays controlled by an ignition control system but here’s how to make one for yourself.

At the heart of my firework ignition system is an SX48 running at 50 MHz. I was able to make full use of the SX’s 36 IO pins. Thirty lines are dedicated to the 30 channels. Two lines connect to a MAX233 chip for serial port control. Another line is connected to a 7805 (TO-92) which monitors the state o

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DIY – How to Make your own iPhone Charger!

You could probably take any cellphone adaptor and convert it into an iPhone charger pretty easy but here’s a cool DIY showing you how to make your own iPhone charger.

All you need are the 4 resistors stated above. I have modified some values of the resistors because of some miscalculation. Connect them as shown and provide the circuit with a regulated 5v supply. Get a female USB plug and connect it as shown to the circuit

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How to Become 3 Inches Taller through Surgery!

Here’s a guy in Germany who gets his hips sawed off then a remotely controlled rod implanted in his legs as shown above to lengthen his legs.

I remember my mom telling me about these new hormones that could help kids grow taller about 20 years ago now you can do it with a simple (or should I say risky) surgery.

Only 4,000 people in the world have done this so far so there is no telling what kinds of side effects there are. If any, you should expect some pain when you age past 50.

Now, if this thing is successful for the next de

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Tent + Hammock = Tentmock!

Well this ain’t a real tent and a real hammock but still, it does plenty of both.

In order to collapse the unit, the four pins must be pulled out so the supporting rods can slide up to the closed position utilizing the four scissor joints, two on each side. Once in this position, the pins can be put back into place for locking. The nylon pieces of the floor, roof, and sides all fold into the unit, eliminating the need to remove them.

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Accu-Circ – Future of Circumcision is here!

Okay, this post might gross some of you out a little but circumcision is fact of life and 95% of males have to face it some time in their life. Basically, Accu-Circ is a new surgical tool that allows quick and easy circumcision for newborns and alike. There are some videos on the site if you are into this type of medical device on the site. I did take a look myself and it seems like this device will change how people are circumcised in the future. I remember being circumcised at age of 7, and having to carry a freakin’ cup for like a month. What a horrible experience, thi

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DIY HACK – luscious electric delight (L.E.D.)

This is freakin’ awesome!

We started experimenting with “row/column scanning”. This term refers to how the columns of shared anodes(+) and rows of shared cathodes(-) in an LED matrix can be quickly turned on and off to control a single LED within the matrix. Because the number of LEDs with in a matrix will always be fewer than the total number of rows and columns, it is more efficient to quickly address the columns and rows than each individual LED. We first soldered a 4×4 matrix

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