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Pink Heart USB hub for Geeky Ladies

Editor’s Note: Here’s a great gadget gift for your girlfriend, maybe great for any occasion including a birthday, holiday, and Valentines.

This cute Heart Shaped 4-port USB Hub is not just a mere USB hub, it can actually make a pretty romantic gift for your geeky girlfriend.

The Heart USB hub allows you to connect 4 different USB devices at the same time. It is another little fancy stuff on your desk. For only $6.69, you can get it from Uxsig

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Pixel Watch

Wow, this looks freakin’ awesome! A pixel watch! But in pink?!? Yes, they do have brown and white also so guys can get it too.

The Pixel Watch from ODM is one of the coolest watches we’ve seen in ages. The Pixel Watch uses an EL (Electro Luminescent) band, and translucent casing to produce an unusual and contemporary design. On the hour every hour, between 9pm and 3am there is an on screen animation and scrolling pattern.

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Pink and White LG Chocolate

Here’s some early peep of upcoming pink and white LG Chocolate phones.

via gizmodo

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