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iPhone Hack – How to Sync an iPhone/iPod with 2 or more Computers!

As a U.S. consumer of goods, I’ve always been very peeved at the fact that my iPod or iPhones in general cannot sync with multiple computers.  How come all of my generic MP3 players can sync with multiple PCs while my iPod simply sucks at doing that?

I know, I know, Steve Jobs is evil and he implements anything to make money but what the heck, I have 3 desktop computers and 3 laptops!

Well, don’t fuss about it as there’s a solution for this using some simple HEX hacks.

It’s time that someone thought of this, t

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Origins of Fortune Cookie was America?


Origins of Fortune Cookie was America?

Here’s a funny video proving that Fortune Cookies are in fact, from America itself.  It’s funny but maybe Fortune Cookies were invented by the Chinese Americans to lure more customers.  Go to China, they don’t even know what a Fortune Cookie is.

But I can understand that, they have Chinese food in Korea that they don’t have in America, it’s called Korean-Chinese food.  Fortune Cookies are definitely American-Chinese food, speaking o

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