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Computer DIY – How to Build a PC!

If you have been following Zedomax for quite awhile, you probably remember when my friend built a PC in 8 minutes.  Well, here’s some more good DIYs on how to build a PC.  Building a PC can be a daunting task for first timers while it’s a piece of cake for those who have done it before.

Building a PC can be a daunting task. It takes research and patience. Rushing through a build can create immediate or intermittent issues. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process of of installing the PC components and provide some han

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DIY Wifi HACK – How to Get Free Wifi from Starbucks and AT&T Hotspots!


Here’s a cool little hack that let’s you get free wifi from Starbucks or AT&T Hotspots!

Basically, you change the “User-Agent” to iPhone User Agent, which is the header part of HTTP transmission.

Then you put in the phone number of any of your friends’ iPhone. I personally know about 3 people in my cellphone address book, so this should be piece of cake.

For Firefox, you can download User Agent Switcher Plugin to change the User Agent.

Definitely, this is the easiest hack I̵

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Forking in the River of Time – Time Travel is Possible!


I remember taking quantum physics and learning about how if you go at the speed of light, you can actually pass time very quickly.  (Let’s say you go at the speed of light for 1 year and come back to Earth in a space ship, everyone else on earth will have aged like 50 years.)

This quantum physics tells us that time travel is possible and proven theoretically that it’s possible as long as we can travel at the speed of the light.  The only part that humans haven’t figured out yet is that fact that a human body canno

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