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Optoma NEO-i DV20A Pico Projector/Smartphone Speaker Dock Review!

Last year, Optoma launched their PK301 Pico Projector at CES 2010.  This year at CES 2011, I had the pleasure of viewing their latest flagship product, the Optoma NEO-i DV20A, which basically is like the PK301 but more.

The all-new Optoma NEO-i DV20A is not only a pico projector but

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Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector Hands-on Review!

UPDATE: You can now pre-order yours on Amazon HERE.

UPDATE: Check out Optoma’s new product the Optoma NEO-i DV20A Here!

Max’s Rating: Love It.

One of the gadgets that really stood out at CES 2010 was the Optoma PK301 pico/pocket projectors.  As someone who has been trying to

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