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DIY HACK – PIC based Serial Controlled RGB LED PWM Driver

[gv data=”aCKJI8XaRrc”][/gv]

Cool little LED control using PWM of PIC.

If you want to play around with some LEDs, why not hook them up to some brains (a PIC

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Educational Circuits for Kids

Here’s some cool educational circuits for kids.

They’ve got some cool circuit building kits such as voice-controlled circuits, light-activated experiments with what seems like safe-to-use circuit parts.

Later on, they can start modding with easy-to-use electronic circuit board such as CUBLOC, Basic Stamp,

or even get into real low-level circuit building with AVR,

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DIY Circuit – Door Unlocker

Cool door unlocker based on PIC16F630 microcontroller and a stepper motor…I need this since I’ve broken my door before due

to locking myself in…

via hackaday

via make

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Zedomax DIY 115- HOWTO establish serial connection with PCs bluetooth 2.0 with ACODE-300

Okay, today at work I have been getting a lot of calls on how to connect the ACODE-300 serial to bluetooth converter module to a PC or Laptop with bluetooth…

Well since the ACODE-300 is bluetooth 1.1 compliant and bluetooth 2.0 is backward compatible, the ACODE-300 should have no problem in establishing serial connection with a PC.

Why do you

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Circuit – Build your own velocity monitor for paintballs

Here’s a circuit for velocity monitor for paintballs using a PIC microcontroller. [via] designnews

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