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Harddisk Hack – How to Make a Harddisk DataLocker!


A sophisticated harddisk datalocker using a PIC microcontroller might not be what you had in mind for securing your data but this guy has done just that, all colorfully illustrated with detailed instructions.

How to turn and ordinary external harddrive into a datalocker using only a PIC microcontroller, a keypad and some various other components.

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DIY HACK – How to Make a DTMF Phone Dialer!

People have been making these DTMF phone dialer devices for years, here’s how to make one with a PIC microcontroller.

The company I work for recently upgraded their phone system. They got a new IP phone system that can supposedly do everything – the new phones have big LCD screens with fancy menus, lots of different modes, PC connection for remote control of the phone, e-mailing voice messages, and tons of other features. All that said, there was a critical piece

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LED Cape!

LED Cape, awesome stuff…

Andrew “Bruce” Lau made this amazing LED cape and wore it around Maker Faire a

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