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How to Kill Time With Photoshop!

For those of you who want to kill some time and have some fun photoshopping that photo of the hot girl in your college you took last week, do the above and maybe you can start a rumor.

via gizmodo

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Photoshop DIY – How to Fake Depth of Field using Photoshop!


For those of you lucky enough to own a DSLR camera, you probably are amazed at your photos with great focus and depth of field.  But others who are using regular point-and-shoot cameras, you can also “fake” depth-of-field manually by photoshopping it.

I won’t get into the details but WonderHowTo has a great tutorial on how to do this in 2 different ways.  (S

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Photoshop DIY – How to Draw Curves in Photoshop!

For those of you wondering how to make curves in Photoshop, you can take a look at Adobe’s docs here.

I am in the process of revamping our logo and needed to add some curves so, watch out for that buds!

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Photoshop DIY – How to Process/Edit Photos in Photoshop!


(after processing/editing)

I’ve been snooping around for some DIYs on YouTube and found this great Photography DIY on how to edit photos in Photoshop.  I find out that it’s actually channel of Lilian, one of our bloggers on BagWhiz and Mattresszine.

Anyways, Lilian has some really great photography/Photoshop skills I didn’t know about, watch this video on how quickly/efficiently she processes/edits a photo.

I have be

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DIY Classic – You Suck at Photoshop 4

If you guys don’t know about You Suck at Photoshop, you should.

These hilarious How tos are tragic and funny and informative.

Haha, dirty same and unfulfilled dreams. Here’s paths and masks.

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Photoshop DIY – How To Watermark Your Photos

If you publish images on your blog, you might what to think about watermarking, so other people know who shot the work. Check out his how to:

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Office Printing DIY – How to save time and money on printing and get your mail delivered faster!

Today, we will cover several ways that can help you to reduce cost of your printing, whether you are running a home business or a company with 1000 employees.

Make sure to Preview your documents before printing:

A lot of people might think this is something they do all the time but the truth is that most people waste a lot of paper printing out the wrong portion of their content, including myself.

Use that “Preview” button to preview what you are printing. Almost all applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Photoshop, and MS Word have this feature

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Round-up HOWTO Links for the day

We’ve decided to do some round-up links for the day for the hell-of-it.

Check out How to fake a Web 2.0 logo for some hints on your next website’s new logo. Here’s Delicious bookmarking howto for anyone new to Web2.0 bookmarking. Check out HOWTO fight Companies Online

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DIY – HOWTO Create “Matrix” Wallpaper in Photoshop


Cool matrix howto for your adobe photoshop!


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graphics-world.com has some cool graphic related stuff

Check out graphics-world, they got some nice cool tutorials on bunch of graphic related howtos.


Creating a Custom Video Player Credit Card Design

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