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DIY HACK – HOWTO make cool Green Laser Digital Photos

Okay, here’s how to take some cool digital photos with your Green Laser. (if you don’t have one, get one from DragonLasers.com)

1. Get your digital camera to be in some kind of “slow mode”…. I have a Canon SD750 which has a fireworks mode that will slow down the camera…

Here’s some scribbles to start out…

I was trying to write Zedomax but wrote ZE…

More ZE….

Big Z!

Smiley Face!


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Green Laser Drawing

Here’s something you can do with your Green Laser and a camera. I will have to try this and post one soon…

via flickr

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Morph images online

Yes, the above morphed into this!?!

So, you wanna find out how your kid is going to look like? Check out morphthing.com and you can upload your pics and see what would happen if….

haha…don’t laugh…

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Gorilla Pod – Your ultimate Camera Tripod


Remember David posted about this cool tripod?

We are still spitting out some stuff from the Maker Faire. Here’s a cool tripod for your camera called, gorillapod. It can adhere to any tree, pole, and other hard to reach surfaces. Awesome. Will they send us a sample?


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3D Metal and Sugar Sculptures by Bathsheba Grossman


Blip video Link

Bathsheba Grossman explains to us the 3D sculptures, sugar sculptures, and the sculptures made with lasers at the Maker Faire!

These are priceless…


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Maker Faire 2007 – Biological Containment Art – Junior’s Returns



Check out this cool biological containment art from Philip Ross. It’s a hydroponic garden which allow just enough light using LEDs for the plants to survive but do not grow bigger. Very interesting. This might be good for saving our planet by controlling light plants receive and thus use less energy if we are ever in a closed environment due to wars and what not. (no

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Zedomax Maker Faire 2007 Coverage – Electric Motorcycles

I love motorcycles in general since I own a Gixer but WOW; I was amazed at these really cool electric motorcycles at the Maker Faire. These things have like 30 batteries hooked up to it!

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Fast SanDisk 16GB for 159 US buckies!

Tight, with a 16GB SanDisk memory, you should be able to take a lot of pictures…

Check out the features:


Designed to meet the critical speed and performance needs of serious professional photographers, lets you quickly capture, view, Upload and transfer large image files Ideal for demanding photo shoots under severe weather conditions, heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, etc. Built to perform in the most extreme environments and temperatures 20MB pe

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Funny Escalator

After work, instead of taking the usual elevator, stairs, or escalator, you can simply slide down the Funny Escalator and save some time too. If we ever get a chance to build our own building, this would definitely be one of the features. But you’d probably need to pay a lot of money for insuring it.

via picture-mania.blogspot

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DIY PHOTOGRAPHY – Collapsible Light Tent

Wow, we’ve seen a lot of light boxes and tents for photography floating on the internet before but here’s a “collapsible” light tent that might actually be useful and easy to store simultaneously.

Ever wanted to take pictures of small items around your house and make them look like it was done at a studio? It’s possible with some items around your home and a trip to your local craft store. It’s going to cost you around $15 but its money well spent. I

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