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Digital Camera “Lens” Cup!

Here’s a fun concept Digital Camera “Lens” cup that let you enjoy your morning coffee in photographic style.  Of course, it’s a rather waste of an expensive camera lens but then you could make these with broken lenses that are going to the dump anyways.

“Photomanipulation тебе интересно Photography fun art lens coffee cup photoshop chop conceptual design”.

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Mobile GoogleMaps now includes Street View!


Google has just launched its new Mobile GoogleMaps that includes Street View.  Now you can see the street view on your Blackberry or PDA just like the destop version.

Today we’re launching a new version of Google Maps for mobile with the same street-level imagery available on desktop. Wondering if the restaurant in your search results is the one you’re thinking of? Just

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Photography Hack – Image Fulgurator inserts messages onto other people Digital Cameras!


Here’s an interesting photography hacking tool.  Basically the image fulgurator inserts messages onto other people’s photos by displaying the letters at the exact moment the innocent photographer’s flash goes off.

Kind cool for sending messages in a tourist attaction.

It’s a reactive flash image-projector… or, to put it another way, a real-world hack of other people’s photos. Sounds sinister, looks sinister… works great. Adapted from a flash gun and

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DIY – How to Make a Light Box for Photography!

Here’s a pretty simple DIY for making your own light box for photo shoots.

This thing isn’t really rocket science at all. I think it’s more the technique that people would be interested in. I’ve received a lot of e-mails asking about the light box so I hope this will be a help to anyone wanting to stay inside during the winter months and take shots of random stuff from the fridge.

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Photograph Small Items With Your Scanner?

In recent post by Lifehacker, it seems that you can get a better picture simply by photographing small items with your flat-bed scanner, which I have one too.

This is a very good idea to try out and probably works but do you have a scanner?

Cell phones, mp3 players, discs, pretty much anything with a basic dimension can be scanned on your flatbed scanner…. To the right is a sample of a phone that was scanned. Not bad eh? What the…..is that me in my tighty whiteys reflected in the screen!?!? Oh nope, wait, it was done using my flatbed scanner.

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Flickr 3D Tiltviewer!

Wow, these guys know how to make use of Flickr API. Here’s a 3D Tiltviewer that let’s you hop different Flickr pictures in 3D!

TiltViewer allows you to browse Flickr’s most interesting images in a 3D space. Images are pulled from Flickr’s Interestingness list.

TiltViewer w

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make your own 360 panoramic photo-bot


Wow, check out this instructable on HOWTO make your own 360 degrees panoramic photo-bot!

this is my 360 panoramic photo robot, the idea is shooting in 360 degrees in the smaller time as possible without errors, take the panoramic in a hard conditions and fun!.

this project i take a 1 month and i am implementing improvements, and i use parts of bad cd-roms and hard disk drives.

i hope that it serves to construct your

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Camera Extender for self-portraits

Do you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Here’s a perfect tool for you. Check out this cool extender for your digital camera. Of course, you could probably make one yourself with an old golf club.

This is a good way t

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DIY Photography – Make Money with PhotoShelter or just browse for some nice photos

Check out PhotoShelter where you can buy or make some money with your photographs. It looks like it’s got much better photos than most stock photo sites I’ve seen so far.

They even have a blog!

PhotoShelter™ was founded in 2005 by IT Professionals and Photographers who were looking to create a truly archival storage solution, while empowering the individual photographer.

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DIY HACK – Painting with light…

Check out how you can create some nice photographs with light added.

Here is how it’s done:

Set your camera on the tripod and take a sample shot with flash / lights on. This will help you verify that your composition is OK.

Set the exposure to a relatively long value. Stop down the aperture as much as you need. If you are outside do nothing. If you are inside – this is the time to close the lights.

Make the click. Once the shutter is op

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