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DSLR Ring for Photographers!

For those of you who like fiddling with DSLR cameras and photography, here’s a cool ring to show your love for DSLRs and photography.

Hey who knows, in 50 years our technology might be good enough to actually fit a working, spy DSLR camera on a ring.

Get it at ModCloth

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Joby Gorillapod Focus – A Must Have DSLR Tri-pod for Photographers!

I remember talking to Joby’s marketing director couple months back about their upcoming Joby Gorillapod Focus back at Swagapalooza blogger event, which can support heavy-duty camcorders and DSLRs.  This is definitely a must-have DSLR tri-pod for all of you with DSLRs as you will be able to do much more with a flexible Gorillapod tri-pod.

Don’t confuse the

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Photography DIY – How to Make a Portable Reflector!

For those of you avid photographers, you might be interested to learn that there’s a cheap way to make a portable reflector that will fit your pocket while giving you the extra security knowing you will have extra light even in super-dark environments.

This is of course no problem, if you are working in the studio or transport your equipment in the trunk of your car, but I wanted a small reflector, that I can carry around in my camera bag or even the pockets of my pants, if I need to.

via diy

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PressLite for Photographers!


Wow, check out this revolutionary flash for cameras!

Its two panels let you reflect just the amount of light you need, bouncing part of it off the ceiling for that soft, indirect look, while aiming the rest of the light at your subject. That’s just one of many possibilities. It’s also easy to use, moving it to exactly the right configuration with one hand, keeping the other free to hold the camera, aim and shoot. Considering what it can do, PressLite VerteX is dirt-cheap at $34.

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DIY Photography – Make Money with PhotoShelter or just browse for some nice photos

Check out PhotoShelter where you can buy or make some money with your photographs. It looks like it’s got much better photos than most stock photo sites I’ve seen so far.

They even have a blog!

PhotoShelter™ was founded in 2005 by IT Professionals and Photographers who were looking to create a truly archival storage solution, while empowering the individual photographer.

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