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FREE San Francisco Ocean Beach, Sutro, and Golden Gate Bridge Photos!

(Above is shot of ocean beach right after the storm, couple “dunes” formed, weird huh?)

I took bunch of great photos today in San Francisco, specifically in Ocean Beach, Sutro Baths, and Golden Gate Bridge.  Also check out

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Photography DIY – How to Use the Light Meter!

The light meter has been one of the most overlooked user features on a digital or SLR camera.  One of our network bloggers Andrew Nealon has some great tips on how to make the best use of your light meter:

As you get ready to take a picture, take a reading on your light meter. Most meters run from -2 to +2, with each mark on the meter representing a “stop” or aperture increment. (Don’t worry about what the aperture is right now, we’ll learn about that later.) By adjusting the camera’s aperture and shutter speed — the thumb wheel on SLR

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2011 BMW 5-Series Spied!

Heck, if it’s 2011 BMW, we probably won’t see it for couple years but here’s some spy shots of the prototype.

TheCarConnection.com’s spy photographer ring has nabbed these new photos of the next BMW 5-Series, including the first interior photos. The cabin shot shows a relocated iDrive controller with satellite buttons, which may provide shortcuts like the buttons that surround Audi’s MMI controller. A joys

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Photography Hack – Image Fulgurator inserts messages onto other people Digital Cameras!


Here’s an interesting photography hacking tool.  Basically the image fulgurator inserts messages onto other people’s photos by displaying the letters at the exact moment the innocent photographer’s flash goes off.

Kind cool for sending messages in a tourist attaction.

It’s a reactive flash image-projector… or, to put it another way, a real-world hack of other people’s photos. Sounds sinister, looks sinister… works great. Adapted from a flash gun and

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DIY Photography – Make Money with PhotoShelter or just browse for some nice photos

Check out PhotoShelter where you can buy or make some money with your photographs. It looks like it’s got much better photos than most stock photo sites I’ve seen so far.

They even have a blog!

PhotoShelter™ was founded in 2005 by IT Professionals and Photographers who were looking to create a truly archival storage solution, while empowering the individual photographer.

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Maker Faire – Flying Saucer Oven


Here’s a simple flying saucer oven that uses a single light bulb yet heats up to 425 degrees fahrenheit!

They won the Dorkbake competition. This is really simple but great idea!

Eric and Jodi Kurland Eric is an award-winning filmmaker and digital artist whose films have played in festivals around the world. Jodi is a physical therapist and self-published photographer and author known to dabble in crafts.


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