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iPhone, iPod Touch, now iStick? Should it stick or not?

Here’s an interesting concept design for iStick, which is basically box sized version of the iPhone. I am not sure if I will need this, it looks it’s real fragile with displays on the four sides. Neverthless, koodos to designer Alexei Mikhailov for great looking design.

Designer Alexei Mikhailov isn’t out to convince people his iStick concept is the perfect mobile convergence device. In fact he clearly points out the iStick isn’t for viewing movies and the screen is too small for effective photo v

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Cigarette Machine uses Face-Recognition Software to detect adults!

Wow…. that’s kinda cool if it works without hackers like me hacking it…

The vending machine has an “adult recognition” button, and when this is pressed a tiny camera takes a photo of the customer and analyzes certain features such as wrinkles and sagging around the eyes and mouth as well as the frame of the potential buyer’s body to determine a general age.

In a test with 500 people ranging in age from their teens to their 60s, this

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Dark Restaurant

Wow, check out this Dark restaurant in Beijing, China where you must eat all your food in total darkness and waiters/waitresses wear night-vision googles to find their way around… I guess there a Dark Restaurant in Australia and in

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