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I created a new word today – Windows Morons…

Here’s some guy who’s holding “I’m a PC” I guess.

It’s a good thing I don’t like Microsoft’s Vista marketing nor Apple’s deceptive adveristing otherwise, I’d be either Apple-butt-kisser or Windows-whore.

I have actually decided that neither Microsoft and Apple is my kind of company, my next computer will definitely have Ubuntu for sure.

I am sorry to say to all you Windows-lovers and Apple-lovers but the truth has to be told and big companies are really just taking you for a

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Mobile GoogleMaps now includes Street View!


Google has just launched its new Mobile GoogleMaps that includes Street View.  Now you can see the street view on your Blackberry or PDA just like the destop version.

Today we’re launching a new version of Google Maps for mobile with the same street-level imagery available on desktop. Wondering if the restaurant in your search results is the one you’re thinking of? Just

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Awesome Chair Sculpture!

Check out this awesome Chair Sculpture made with bunch of chairs.  Now, this sculpture would be even more awesome if there was no adhesive used to hold it together.

This thing does have a funny name called, “Black Whore Conference”.  (Now if you got my typo, you might be laughing now…)

‘black whole conference’ by michel de broin, 2006 (72 chairs) collection musée d’art contemporain de montréal (photo by peter rosemann)


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Invisible Picture Holder!

Here’s a great way to fool your guests with the invisible picture holder.  Simply stick it on the back of any photo you wish you display frame-lessly.

The invisible picture holder works by utilizing tiny spiral clamps at both ends to hold your picture, and curves itself into a stand. It can feel like magic to unsuspecting eyes. Get yours today and make your photos even more magical.

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Milkscanner – 3D scanning with LEGO and milk!


Here’s milkscanner, a 3D scanner that gets each slice of the 3D scan with a spoon drop of milk!

Friedrich Kirschner’s Milkscanner is a clever method for scanning 3D objects using only a webcam, some milk, and a camera rig made out of LEGO.

The basic idea is this: you place an object in a container, incrementally fill the container with milk, and take a photo after each tiny fill increment. The Milkscanner software mattes out the white part of the

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Asus Laptop with an embedded Projector!

Whoa! This is a great idea! Watch as every laptop manufacturer start making a projector a necessary feature.

No details on the resolution or brightness were available, but from the photo we snapped at Computex in Taiwan, it’s apparent that the current iteration will be viable only in total darkness. Moreover, the top bezel of the LCD is so wide, it results in a 12.1-inch portable having a 15.4-inch footprint.

via crave

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A Programmer Makes a Surfboard out of Cardboard Box!

Wow, this is a genius idea, a surfboard made out of cardboard triangular pieces encased by a transparent fiberglass.

The board is supposedly super strong and a pro surfer has bought one off the programmer already.

When it came time to replace his old surfboard, Mike Sheldrake decided to build his own. But the former Web programmer didn’t have the sculpting skills to carve one out of foam the way professional builders do. So he used 3-D modeling software to design a snap-together deck that’s as sturdy as a conventional model and performs

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DIY – How to Make a Light Box for Photography!

Here’s a pretty simple DIY for making your own light box for photo shoots.

This thing isn’t really rocket science at all. I think it’s more the technique that people would be interested in. I’ve received a lot of e-mails asking about the light box so I hope this will be a help to anyone wanting to stay inside during the winter months and take shots of random stuff from the fridge.

via jyoseph

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The iPhone Gets Its Own Photo Sharing Site

Natuba is a photo sharing site for iPhone users. Looks like this targetted marketing could work but of course, there are many other online services that let you do the same thing Natuba does already. Too bad they didnt’ take care of tagging, a must in a new Web2.0 service. Regardless, you can tell us how well it works with your iPhone.

iPhone users with Natuba accounts can add their snapshots to the site by emailing them to a special address. Descriptions can be included in the subject line and all photos are inje

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DIY HACK – HOWTO turn your cellphone into a Taser Camera Gun!


Here’s a funny hack using a cellphone, wires, and a 16pF capacitor.

Take one SonyEricsson K800i, rewire the capacitor (which feeds the camera flash) with a pair of 16uf caps and you have a cell phone capable of dumping those farads into a human body. Just take a photo using the camera’s xenon flash and shoot.

If you can’t read the multimeter in murk of what looks like a typical teenager’s bedroom, it shows 300 volts. Cameron20020, the video’s creator, describes it thus:


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