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Photo Digital Converter converts your old Photo Album to your Computer!

Here’s a really cool Photo Digital Converter that will conveniently scan your old photo album without taking up a large space on your desk.

Photo Digital Converter quickly transforms photo prints into digital images for modern archiving. Preserve memories in a digital format faster and more effectively than a scanner due to the same 5 mega pixel sensor capture found in most digital cameras. Features up to 1,800 dpi resolution, 10 bits per color channel images, auto exposure and color balance control for true to life image files. Simply place

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Concept Solar Powered CellPhone!

Great concept, but where are the solar cells?

It’s got all the basic stuff we’ve come to expect from our mobiles; powerful 5 megapixel camera with built-in software for editing and uploading to a photo album, slide-out touch keyboard with tactile feedback, and a nice big touchscreen front and center. What makes this concept unique is parts of the phone are made from a chemically based thin solar skin to charge the battery when exposed to any kind of light. We’ve recently seen patents from companies like Apple detailing this exact thin

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