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Make TV DIY – How to Solder!

Well, I have the pleasure of receiving the preview of Make Television DVD from Phillip Torrone at Make, thanks for that btw. 🙂

Here’s a good video of how to solder, all in HD, you will need it if you are going to be making any of my DIYs here.

Looks like they got a bunch of videos

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Best of Maker Faire by Phillip Torrone!



Here’s some videos you can enjoy from the Maker Faire last week!

Check out all the fun and excitement at this year’s Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. People from all over the world came to experience this amazing event. Take a look at some of the highlights and make plans to attend the next Maker Faire.

via make

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Podcast HOWTO by Phillip Torrone from Make magazine!

Well we were thinking of making some new video podcasts so today we stopped by the Apple store in downtown San Francisco to get some ideas from Phillip Torrone at Make.

Actually Garrett and I were supposed be there together but Garrett and I got lost while my car ran out of gas on the way there… (next time, we will have to take one car!)

Here’s the summary of Podcast HOWTO:

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