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DIY Doggy Style Persistence of Vision!

POV or Persistence of Vision where you use flashing LED lights to display letters in motion, has always been a fun way to learn about LEDs and circuits.   You might remember I invented the world’s first Golf club POV, which was capable of showing letters/images while you swing the golf club.

Well, there’s a DIY Doggy Style (literally doggy dog) POV someone has managed to put together with his furry little helper helping him in pitch darkness.

Mounting 5 LEDs on a moving o

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DIY HACK – “Propeller Clock” Mechanically Scanned LED Clock

Cool propeller clock you can make!

How this clock works: A motor spins the “propeller”, and a small microprocessor keeps track of time and changes the pattern on seven LEDs with exact timing to simulate a 7 by 30 array of LEDs. It is an illusion, but it works nicely.

If you want to build this clock, you will need a few things, including: Skill with motors and mechanical things. Prior electronic experience. A dead VCR or floppy drive or other source of a suitable motor and miscel

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Nicely done RGB Bike POV! POV stands for Persistence of Vision, check out wikipedia definition if you don’t know it yet.

The whole thing is based on a pic16f628A, with some SMD mosfets to power the led’s. Those are very bright RGB led’s with SMD resistors for smaller PCB size and lower weight. That’s important too when keeping in mind that a heavy weight could give a unbalanced wheel.

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