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Apple’s iPad, what People Are Saying!

Apple has started selling iPads as of couple hours ago and I told you why I am not getting one, at least not yet.

Here’s some interesting remark form Craig Newmark:

I suspect that I’ll wait a little longer for a Google tablet. There are a whole bunch coming and they’ll all start off with innovations like multi-tasking [not available on the iPad]. … I like Apple — they do great work, but they have rigid control over their application store, and that mig

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Prank DIY – How to Make People Fart at an Important Meeting!

This is for those of you who want to prank your friend during an important meeting, a Fartmaster fart noise maker.  This can come in handy when you want to talk back at your friends but perhaps some fart noise would do better.

I think often times, there’s need to relieve the stress of our everyday lives and pranks certainly are good for that.

Don’t forget the

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Multi-touch interface coming soon by T-Online over at CeBIT 2008

Remember our multi-touch interface post way back? (Well I can’t find the post but we have a video of Multi-touch interface over at DaBomb.TV)

You can also go to the TED conference website for reference.

Anyways, here’s a video of T-online’s multi-touch interface at CeBIT 2008. There’s no other detai

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More Zedomax Party Video – Wii Tennis with 4 people

[gv data=”Yzy9BsiQQHA”][/gv]

At the zedomax party last night, we were able to play tennis with 4 people, I personally didn’t get to play because I got too drunk but it looked fun, this motion sensing gaming era is really going to take off!

cheers! 🙂

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DIY – Build your Halloween UFO using a recycled big can

Here’s a cool site on building your halloween UFO that will hover over your front yard and scare people~ 🙂

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