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DIY Steam Powered Pencil Sharpener


What’s up with all the retro pencil sharpeners lately? Have people gone nutz?  You can also read up on how they actually make a pencil here with blocks of wood.

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School DIY – How to Make a Pencil!

Well, this should really be titled, “How pencils are made” but if you got your own 3D custom milling machine, yo might just be able to make your pencils, just follow the diagram!

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Halloween DIY – How to Make a Fantasy Pumpkin!

If you are looking for some “quality” ways to juice up your Halloween pumpkin, Hallmark Magazine has a great DIY on how to make a fantasy pumpkin.

You’ll Need 3 ornate metal belt buckles 1 pumpkin, about 12 inches tall Pencil or marker Knife Craft glue 1 ornate lamp finial Cordless drill fitted with ¼-inch bit 4 gourds, about 4 inches tall 2 quarter-inch dowel rods, cut to the approximate diameter of your pumpkin 4 ornate drawer pulls Heavy-gauge florist’s wire

1. Trace the inside of each belt buckle on the pumpkin with

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3 Mile Long Pencil!

Will someone get me the 100mph pencil now? – 3 Mile Long Pencil

The pencil features markings along its side that let you know how many miles you’ve actually written. The more you write and the more you have to sharpen it, the shorter it gets. It also features a scale letting you know approximately how many words you’ve written

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