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DIY Human Powered Pedal Swing!


This one was one of my favorites at the Maker Faire, a human-powered pedal swing that powers a bunch of people to go on a thrill ride.

If you don’t believe me, watch the video.  I was too busy taking photos and videos but this would be one of those I would have loved to gone on, maybe next year.

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Animas Quadracycle – DIY Pedal Powered Vehicle!

After watching this video of an Animas Quadracycle, which is basically a four-wheeled bicycle, I think we should have more of these around.  Not only can you seat 2 people safely balancing on all four wheels, the quadracycle does really well on rugged train and even snow where bicycles might have trouble.

If these quaracycles can be made with optional electric, it would possibly great commuters around town.


Clearly four wheels are required for car-like stability, he

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DIY Pedal-Powered OLPC Laptop in Afghanistan!

Indeed, people of Afghanistan are very resourceful and amazing if they can power laptops with pedals like this. I can see this machine going a long ways here in America, I think it’s a great way to get an exercise and power your laptop. Heck, why don’t they make a kit like this for real bikes? I am sure someone will start making these in the factories soon. Brilliant idea! (via laptop blog)

The people of Afghanistan are pretty resourceful they always have bee

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