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PDF DIY – How to Add a Digital Signature to a PDF File!

Didier has some great tutorial on how to add a digital signature to a PDF file.  If you are dealing with documents of high importance, this might be a great way to make sure your receiver gets your documents right.

I didn’t manage to use a free tool to sign a PDF document with a certificate, so we’ll use a trial version of Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Our PKCS12 file (with keys and signatures) is imported in our certificate store, so let’s open a PDF document and sign it:

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Web2.0 Expo 2008 – SpinScape.com Launched – new “Digital Collaboration” Tool!

I was taking a smoke break in front of Web2.0 Expo and saw these people marching with funky white wigs on. Well, at first I thought they were protesting but one of the protestors did reach out and speak to me about what’s behind their “guerilla campaign” as seen in the video below.

I also scored close beta invitations to SpinScape.com. If you want the invite code for the private beta, simply watch the video here:


So, I decided to try out what this “protest” was

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