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Laptop News Roundup!

Here’s Laptop news Roundup for today:

Dell will be releasing their Studio 15 soon, the HD-equipped laptop will come with nice subwoofers which I am having a hard time believing there will be much bass if any.

Gateway has their new laptop line, the TC7306u and TC7307u series.  I am not a fan of Gateway laptops but who knows, they might make a come-back soon.

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iPhone 3G Lawsuits Popping Up Everywhere!


I keep banging this site about how badly iPhone or iPhone 3G is advertised.  Of course, most phones do the same thing and could be called “deceptive advertising” but in this case, it’s Apple for christ-sakes.

If they have to lie to consumers on their ads, there’s enough people to get mad enough to

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Pogo Stylus – iPhone/iPod Touch Stylus!

For those of you who have hard time navigating the iPhone/iPod Touch using your fingers and leaving nasty fingerprints that you have to clean constantly, there’s a Stylus solution called the Pogo Stylus.

With the Pogo Stylus, you will be able to use the iPhone/iPod Touch just like any other PDAs.  The only downfall is that once you start typing with the stylus, it will take you 2-3 times longer to type the same thing…  Kinda pointless gadget but can be useful if you have clumsy, big hands.


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AlertBoot Full Disk Encryption

This is a paid review on ReviewMe.

Wow, although this is a paid review, you gotta check out AlertBoot, which provides “Full-Disk Encryption” for your PC or laptop.

Basically, how it works is that you download some encryption software to your PC or laptop and it provides full disk encryption, meaning if you lose your PC or Laptop, you don’t have to worry about the data being stolen, as it has been encrypted.

Personally, I don’t use an

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iPhone HACK – iPhone unlocked SIM

I know, the iPhone is getting really old lately since everyone I know has one now. BUT, we can still laugh at all the stupid hacks you can do to the iPhone. Check out how you can unlock the iPhone by cloning the SIM card. This might actually be useful for any cellphones that use a SIM card.

Senad, who has previously been heavily involved in the Digital Satellite scene and worked in many projects for Digiturk Cryptoworks, revealed to us that the hack is very real and can be accom

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