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Netbooks Causing Havoc Among Traditional PC Manufacturers

Netbooks, which I highly recommend to have at least one in your household, are certainly causing havoc among traditional PC manufacturers as they have been forced to compete against new portable computers, cutting into their profits.

But this is good news for us consumers who are the ones buying these netbooks and other computers. (Probably less desktop computers now because netbooks are so much more affordable and portable.)

One analyst firm has now said that although companies have maybe missed out on the much larger profit margins offered by fully fledged laptops and deskto

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Eco-Friendly PC Casing!

Here’s a cool PC, all made out of wood. Wait, is wood necessarily an eco-friendly thingee? Recycled wood maybe, just be careful that the PC manufacturers are not using “eco-friendly” terms to market the product when it’s really not.

In this case, I am not sure, anyone wanna clarify my ignorance on the matter?

This is the type of computer that every eco friendly person is going to want, it is sort of a cross between the style of the 1960’s and t

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