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Wii Hack – How to Connecting a Wiimote to your Mac or PC!

For those of you who want to connect your Wiimote to play games on your Mac or PC, you might interested to know about this DIY that shows you how to connect a wiimote to your Mac or PC.  I personally think it’s a great idea for adding motion sensing to your computer games. (although I have stopped playing games a long time ago.)

WiiMote is the best Gaming gadget you could ever dream of. Though Originally designed for Nintendo Wii console, WiiMote can be used by interfacing to PC, MAC via Bluetooth.

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Mac DIY – How to Remotely Control your Mac using Open Source VNC!

There are many free PC/Mac remote control services such as GoToMyPC.  There’s also VNC, which is open source version of those.  You will need to install server/client software on both ends of the computers, just like GoToMyPC.   Using Chicken of VNC, you can now remotely control your Mac and here’s a great site detailing how to do that.

One more note, you can use free services like no-ip.com, whi

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Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium USB Speakers!

Here’s a cool set of speakers that look like a bird’s nest or the Olympic stadium for $12 at USB Geek.

Recharged/Powered by USB Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery Simple, just plug-in, no driver install On/Off swtich with Blue LED indicator Apply to any audio devices with 3.5mm headjack, e.g. PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, PDA, MP3 player, CD player … etc. Speaker: 33mm Dimensions: 70 x 59 x 31.7mm Weight: 55g


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