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PC Fan DIY – How to Make a Nexus One PC Fan!

I saw this PC fan and first thought, “Nexus One”.  Well, the author didn’t really intend to make it a Nexus One PC fan but it certainly looks like my Nexus One animated boot-up screen. Cool~

A self-contained, digital, full control fan controller based around an AVR microcontroller that could have fine control over the fan’s speed, read back the RPM, and control not just the brightness of the LEDs but also the color.  Having seen a lot of cool

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USB Hack – How to Make a USB PC Fan!

Do you have old desktop PCs/computers laying around your house and it gets super hot where you live?  Well, you don’t have to buy a USB fan, you can make one from those ol’ PC fans.

You probably also have some old USB wires laying around.  Just cut them off, wire them to the PC fan (refer here for USB pinout) using pin 1 (5V) and pin 4 (GND), voila!

You have a working PC fan.  Of course, if you want to get more technical, you can probably add a

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DIY USB HACK – How to Make a Cheap USB Vacuum!


Here’s a fun little project.  Get a PC fan, a sawed-off USB cable, and some carboard to make a cheap USB Vacuum running off 5 volts DC.

via getusb

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Original Back to the Future Hoverboard on auction for $30K min!

Remember all the great hoverboard posts?  Well, check out this original, used Back-to-the-Future hoverboard on auction at eBay with minimum bid starting at $30 grand!

via neatorama

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Laptop Mat Aerogel – Best Thermal Insulator known to man!

As I sometimes travel or like to work on the sofa, I use my laptop mat that has a PC fan to blow the heat from the laptop to blow through the back.

Well, it turns out one of our blogger friends slashgear has got a free sample of Aerogel, which has a layer of Aerogel, supposedly the best thermal insulator known to man.

My only concern is that although it won’t transmit heat, it might actually block the laptop from being able to

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Some FReAKY Overclocking Chip Cooler


Here’s a cool video of a freaky overclocking chip cooler from CES.

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