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Online Shop Hack – How to Get 20% off pretty much Anything you buy Online!

You can easily get 20% off pretty much anything you buy if it’s part of Microsoft’s buyback program.

Here’s how you do it.  Goto Live.com and search for anything you want to buy.  Sometimes, you will have to enter the competitors product to get the discount.  (As you can see above, you get 20% off for HP laptops by searching for Dell Laptops)

I started my search at Live.com and searched for “cheap” along with some product name; I tried a few variations such as “cheap wii” and “

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Quick Post Edit just launched! – How to Get Your Blog Posts Edited Quickly by Editing Professionals!

Hi All, I’ve been a little busy today doing over 15 video interviews with Affiliate/Publisher companies over at AdTech. I had to go to the hospital in the afternoon and also go over to my friend’s house to help them with their computer. Cheez, I am on my spare laptop that barely runs and has no sound because HP drivers don’t install…

Since I will have to hold the awesome video interviews from AdTech until tomorrow, here’s a quick post on

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Robot Week! Contest!

Picture via robots6270.mit

Zedomax will be featuring bunch of Robot stuff this week so if you’ve got some robots, make sure to take a picture and send them to max at zedomax dot com!

Best robot picture will get a hundred bucks via paypal!

(by submitting your picture, you’ve agreed to let us show it on our site.)

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Google Phone CONTEST – “What will it look like?” contest for 100 bucks!

The Google phone is supposed to be coming some time soon (hopefully) in the near future. We are having a contest for $100 US via Paypal for best Google Phone ideas. Kinda like the iPhone but we are giving back some of the small amount of money we made through advertisements. Just send your iPhone design to: max at zedomax dot com. The winner will be announced on May 5th, 2007, on Cinco De Mayo (Also

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