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Dog Hack – How to click train your dog cross paws

So, I’ve click trained a couple of dogs and it has always worked out super well. If you haven’t tried it, its how I got my last dog to sit, speak, shake, lay down and walk controlled off a leash. She even waits for me at crosswalks.

Here’s how you can use click training to make your dog hit buttons and cross its paws.

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LED Doggy Paws Pillow!

LED Doggy Paws Pillow!

Here’s a cool LED Doggy Paws Pillow for those of you who have dogs and would like to make your home more animal-friendly lookin’.

Get one LED Paw-Shaped Pillow! Let your lover, families and friends sleep with it, hug it tight while watching TV, reading books or talk on the phone!!

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Evolta Robot Climbs 530 meters at Grand Canyon!

Evolta Robot, powered by 2 double A Panasonic batteries, climbs 530 meters up a rope at Grand Canyon.

Why is this cool?

Well it’s cool that a 17 centimeter tall can do so much with just 2 double A batteries plus it’s a great viral marketing for Panasonic batteries.  Looks like Duracell battery and Energizer bunny have their paws full…

On May 24, a 17-centimeter tall, 130-gram Panasonic Evolta battery mascot robot scaled a 500-meter cliff at the Grand Canyon in a publicity stunt to showcase the endurance of the Evolt

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