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Electric Skateboard goes 20MPH!


There’s been a lot of makers of electric skateboards in the

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iPhone Hack – How To Turn an iPhone into a Moleskine Book!

Here’s a fun DIY on how to make a moleskine book casing for your iPhone.

That’s fine, but the little iPod gets uncomfortable to hold after a while, and it lacks the presence of a real book. Imagine seeing an attractive girl (or boy) sitting outside a pavement cafĂ©, drinking an espresso, smoking a Gauloise and reading a tatty paperback. It’s a romantic image whic

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How to Convert your Bike into an Electric Power Bike!

Wow, check out this plug and play electric motor system for your bike. Basically, you remove your front wheel and attach the Neodymics Cyclemotor system.

The only feature that should be improved upon?

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