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Camera Hack – How to Stick Any Digital Camera to Any Surface as a Tripod!

I’ve always been searching for new digital camera tri-pods and glad to say I have finally found one (thanks to editors at CNet), it’s called a Universal Pod, a tripod that will practically attach to anything, including a tree.

This is much better than the Gorillapad tripod I saw couple years back.

Universal Pod sticks to a 1,000 objects and counting! Its patent pending “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” molds, grips and sticks

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Roll-Up Earplugs From Mack’s!

Check out these new Mack’s Roll-up earplugs!  Basically they are earplugs packaged as bunch of sheets and you can put them in your wallet.

Whenever you need some peace and quietness, roll them up like a joint (did I say joint?) and stick them in your ears.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one although my earbuds are handy enough to cut off all sound around me.

“Mack’s® Roll Ups Wallet Earplugs address the bigges

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Navisense – The Motion Sensing Interface!

Here’s a cool motion sensing interface that might be even better than Multi-touch technology.  The NaviSense interface uses ultrasonic to detect motion and no touching is required by the user.

NaviSense is a software and hardware provider for sensory based embedded signal processing solutions. NaviSense has developed a suite of proprietary software and hardware technologies with tech savvy appeal. The patent pending solutions provide a value-added customer driven benefit. The technologies are complementary to existing platforms and can be inte

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DIY – How to Glow in the Dark with Glow-in-the-dark Paint!

Now you can glow in the dark with glow in the dark paint!

How simple is that?

Litroenergy is a patent pending designed light source material that emits light for 12 plus years- without electricity or sun exposure!

Our development/design of long-life, self-luminous micro particles called Litrospheres (non-toxic) emit light continuously for 12 plus years (half-life point) without any exposure to a light or other energy (not effected by cold or heat). This extremely low cost material offers 24/

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Radical New Bike – The Extertec Spykster!

Wow, check out this 3-wheeled radical new bike called the Extertec Spykster! I wonder if it’s street-legal.



The Extertec(tm) “Spykster” Key Points & Advances:

    Patent pending leading edge steering design for road, dirt, snow and sea Takes existing Quads, Jet Ski and Snow Mobile machines to the next level Practical gains in safety and control without limitations of existing systems Provides basis for innova

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How to Convert your Bike into an Electric Power Bike!

Wow, check out this plug and play electric motor system for your bike. Basically, you remove your front wheel and attach the Neodymics Cyclemotor system.

The only feature that should be improved upon? Well, I wish the

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Parrallel Wind Turbine!

Check out this awesome parrallel wind turbine that can generate easy 200 watts at 20mph wind!  Pretty simple concept but well executed with patent pending too.

An easy 200 watts in about a 20 mph wind or so, lighting the four 50 watt car headlight bulbs you see at Doug’s feet. We get much more power than this in higher winds. This kind of

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