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Dachshund Salt and Pepper Shaker!

Love Dachshund?  Here’s a set of Dachshund salt and pepper shakers to show your passion for your doggies.

Our dachshund shakers bring delight to the dinner table with their unique, elongated design. The dachshund parts pull off for easy filling. Salt and pepper dispense from the “tail” ends. Rubber and stainless steel. 4″ long.

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How to run your car on Water, Sugar, and Yeast using EFuel100’s Home Ethanol!

EFuel100, a home ethanol convertor, has been buzzing all around the world and TV. Basically it allows you to turn water, sugar, and yeast into ethanol. What do you do with ethanol? You can mix 75% ethanol and 25% gas to power your current vehicle.

That’s right, it means you don’t need to drive an eco-friendly car to save the world. You simply need to pre-order one of these ethanol convertors at

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$13.3 Million of Earth Class Mail vs. $1 SiteHoppin

Here’s a showcase of the website that has $13.3 million invested in it versus our new site, SiteHoppin.com, which pretty costed nothin’ but my brain on some php.

Earth Class Mail was first launched on September 2005! SiteHoppin launched 8 days ago. Here’s the Alexa stats comparing the two:

The only reason I am posting this is because I expect somethi

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