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Nascar Implements Random Drug Testing for Heroin!

(Photo Credit: ThatsRacin.com)

While it might not seem like a big deal that Nascar is implementing random drug testing, we can see that heroin-addicated Nascar drivers will definitely benefit from the cause.

In a similar incident, PGA Tour players have been rumored to use steroids to hit the ball longer.  Whether that’s true or not, PGA Tour officials did not wait to find out and also

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Windows Vista Mojave Experiment

Microsoft is doing an experiment where they tell people about their new “Mojave” operating system and how cool it is.  In the end, MS tells the participants that the “Mojave” OS is actually Windows Vista.

(10/08/2008 UPDATE – Now I have Vista pre-installed on my new Inspiron 1525 $600 Dell laptop, check out what happened on the first day, this is Zedomax Mohave Exp

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MT9 – A new Audio File Format that may take MP3s to another level!

MP9 is a new type of audio file format that allows the user to control each musical instrument.

For example, let’s say you are listening to some rap but you wanted to voice your own vocals, turn off the vocals and wala.

Another example is if you were a guitarholic and you wanted to listen to only guitar, you can turn off the bass, vocal, and everything else to focus on the guitar sounds only.

This is a great idea by the way. Currently, you could do something slightly similar by filtering the frequencies of the music file but it

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