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DIY iRobot Arm Robot!


Check out this cool robot made with iRobot and CMUCam.

“This is an iRobot Create fitted with a Robot Arm I pulled from an old Radio Controlled vehicle. It uses a Propeller Protoboard and motor controllers and accelerometers from Parallax to control the Arm and monitor it’s position using the two accelerometers mounted on the arm. The Create is controlled by another Propeller and uses a CMUCam1 for Color Tracking to track the object. A S

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Automatic Color Sorting


Check out this Automatic Color Sorting DIY that uses some DC and stepper motors from an old HP printer and uses Parallax’s new 32bit processor as the brain. Brilliant!

This could be great to low budget project requiring color sorting.

Once the Sensor was figured out I started to build everything. Most of the parts including the DC motor and stepper motor were taken from an old HP 712c

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Touch control chip for your next “touch” buttons

You can now easily make a touch application similar to the touch interface on the LG Chocolate. Check out touch-sensor chip you can use for your next embedded application or even maybe wii hacking or ps3 hacking…

QT113 family QTouchT ICs create sense fields through dielectric surfaces such as plastic or glass up to 100mm (4″) thick, and can even turn small objects into sensors. These sense fields can work easily through gloved hands.

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Easy-to-use GPS module for DIYers

Check out Parallax’s GPS module that you can communicate to it using 4800 bps serial TTL and 5V DC power. You can use this for communicating with any microcontroller capable of RS232 communication. We will have to add on to our list of peripherals and DIY ideas on using this module to make a simple GPS tracking device.

The module provides current time, date, latitude, longitude, altitude, s

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HYDRA – Embedded Game Programming for Propeller

Check out Parallax’s new Hydra! It’s powered by their new Propeller chip, similar to XGamesystem.  Looks like it’s a retro-game system that’s been re-invented except now you can hack it anyway you want it.  You can connect it to TV and keyboard to start playing and hacking games!

Develop games, graphics and media applications with the Propeller Powered HYD

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Garrett’s DIY – Upcoming Boe-Bot Hacks – Remote Controlled Insect

Here’s a video of upcoming boe-bot hacks from Garrett using a Parallax Boe-Bot platform and CUBLOC CB220.as brain. This little creature has couple of cool looking features such as a tail, antennas, and eyes that can be remote-controlled via a regular TV remote-control. HOWTO will follow soon. In the meanwhile, you will just have to enjoy Jack

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Robot Kit – Parallax Boe-bot

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Here’s our new boe-bot kit we got yesterday, it looks really cool. You can do some neat stuff like make a infrared sensors so the boe-bot detects objects and uses couple servos to run the wheels.

We are going to start hacking it a little…hopefully we can get one of those RC car motors in it and make it go kinda faster…

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