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Iron Skillet DIY – How to Season your Cast Iron Skillet!

If you happened to own a cast-iron skillet like me, you will want to “season” the iron skillet every once in awhile to get the iron skillet perfect and ready for your next delicious meal.  Apartment Therapy has some great pics and instructions on how to do that which isn’t too hard considering all you really do is put some vegetable oil on the skillet and “bake” it in your oven.

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Food DIY – How to Debone a Chicken and make great Bacon Chicken thingee…

Well, here’s a DIY on how to “easily” debone a chicken and make this bacon, chicken thingee filled with lots of calories to make you fatter.

The deboning part doesn’t look easy to me but the food looks tasty…. yummy…

Not for the faint of heart, weak of heart or concerned of heart really.


You’ll need: Bacon, about a half pound One 2-3pound chicken you expertly cut up! One onion sliced and separated into rings. I used a Vidalia onion but any onion will do A can of cream of mushroo

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