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Panasonic Still #1 in Cordless Phones!

Here’s a rather interesting story of Panasonic being #1 in the world in cordless phones.  Will they live through another decade being #1 in cordless phones?  Probably, cordless phones will still be around since phone jacks will still be used even with digital lines starting to take over the world.  It ain’t like pagers becoming obsolete when cellphones became available to the masses or is it?

One thing for sure, it ain’t nothing to brag about if you are not #1 in cellular telephones, perhaps they are just trying to spam Google for #1 position in cordless

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Quick Laptop Roundup!

Here’s a quick laptop roundup of what’s been going on with laptops and netbooks:

Fujitsu M2010 is now officially available, a 10.1″ mini-notebook.  In the meanwhile, NEC launches 2 new laptops, worth a look for NEC fans.

Gigabyte rebrands their netbook thinnote to Myou, it still sounds silly.


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Laptop News Roundup!

Here’s laptop news roundup for today:

Check out these really cool wooden laptop bags, and also for females too hereDell Mini 10 gets a webpage here.

Thinkpad laptops pass military test, does this mean military will be using Thin

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Re-cap of Laptop Stuff from Laptop Pimp Blog!

Well, here’s a weekly re-cap of laptop stuff from our Laptop Pimp Blog just in case you’ve missed it:

ASUS Eee PC 900HA is out, slightly different but available to order through Amazon.  Check out the HP dv3500t review and specs.  Toshiba has another new laptop out, Toshiba Satellite E

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Evolta Robot Climbs 530 meters at Grand Canyon!

Evolta Robot, powered by 2 double A Panasonic batteries, climbs 530 meters up a rope at Grand Canyon.

Why is this cool?

Well it’s cool that a 17 centimeter tall can do so much with just 2 double A batteries plus it’s a great viral marketing for Panasonic batteries.  Looks like Duracell battery and Energizer bunny have their paws full…

On May 24, a 17-centimeter tall, 130-gram Panasonic Evolta battery mascot robot scaled a 500-meter cliff at the Grand Canyon in a publicity stunt to showcase the endurance of the Evolt

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