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Obama is the First Black President? Yes and No.

Is Obama the first black President?

The straight answer here is yes and no depending on where you are coming from.

If you are a black person who wants to be proud of Obama as the 1st black President, then yes.

But if you are referring to Obama as a black person and you are from the big media, I think no.  We should all note here the fact that Obama is half white and half black.

My point is that Obama should be treated as someone who is capable of running this country regardless of his race.  Why do white and black people have

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Fashion DIY – How to Make a Purse out of Books!

If you need to buy a real bag, you might want to check out our Bag Blog, BagWhiz.com, otherwise, you can make your own cool Purse by re-using/recycling your old books.  Of course, it ain’t light by any means nor is it fashionable, but I’d admire someone who wears this than someone like Palin who spends outrageous money to look good. (I vote for skillz not what’s on the “outside”.  It’s always what’s inside

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Homer Simpson votes on a Rigged Machine!


Here’s a funny Simpson’s video, watch to find out who he votes for.

via neatorama

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