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Painting DIY – How to Paint with Acrylic Paint!

Acrylic paint is another type of paint that can dry faster and can give you results resembling both water color and oil painting.

For those of you who want to mix your water color and oil painting skills, learning how to paint with acrylic paint could just be your solution.

I have collected some of the best acrylic painting HOWTOs, check out these video first on YouTube:




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Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Cell with Powdered Donuts and Tea!


Check this out, these guys figured out how to make a solar cell with powdered donuts and tea!

Heck, I can already see bunch of guys making a whole roof solar-cell setup with lots of donuts and tea.

Powdered sugar contains titanium dioxide nanoparticles, a substance that is also used in paint. When that powder is coated with an organic dye, like the colorful chemicals in pasionfruit tea, it can be used as the light-absorbing layer of a photovoltaic device.

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Home DIY – How to Make a Wall Lamp!

Here’s a really cool DIY wall lamp you can make, go knock yourself OUT!

No need to go to the neighborhood IKEA store to get your hands on a cheap lamp. Build your own decorated wall lamp since its fun and cheap.

step 1 Electricity – materials and instructions You can actually use a ready made lamp and skip this part.

Materials 1. Electrical cord + plug + switch 2. Contact mount 3. Swivel 4. Master socket 5. Nipple 6. Washer 7. Dual socket 8. Wall mount

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DIY – How to Make a Birdie Food Shack!

Do you have a home with lots of birds?  Well, you can refer to this DIY on how to make a birdie food shack so you can watch your birds close-up and help them eat nutritious foods.

we’ve been wanting to get a bird feeder to hang outside our living room window for some time now. (hopefully it won’t drive our cats nuts!) this little feeder was inexpensive and easy to make, and we were able to customize it with paint to look like a little snack stand at an amusement park!

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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Stand using Paper Clips!

Here’s a guy who managed to come up with an iPhone stand out of paper clips.  He’s even providing printable sketch sheet for those of you who want to make one.

It looks pretty simple, brilliant idea.  They could sell these with different colors of paint or somethin’

Get the template here. Print it out with your favorite PDF reade

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Paintdrip Table!

Yes, this isn’t real but it’s a great concept for a Paint-drip table.  Of course, you can always use it for movie props as the redness reminds me more of blood than paint.

via coolest-gadgets

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DIY – How to Build an LED Glowy Bike!

Here’s an interesting DIY where you can make your bike glow with a big tube thang you can buy from Wal-mart.

This is an easy bike project that incorporates things like paint, an iPod speaker, and an LED tube.If you follow the instructable correctly, you should end up with a very nice bike for under $25!

via instructables

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DIY HACK – Painting with light…

Check out how you can create some nice photographs with light added.

Here is how it’s done:

Set your camera on the tripod and take a sample shot with flash / lights on. This will help you verify that your composition is OK.

Set the exposure to a relatively long value. Stop down the aperture as much as you need. If you are outside do nothing. If you are inside – this is the time to close the lights.

Make the click. Once the shutter is open use your flash

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make cool Green Laser Digital Photos

Okay, here’s how to take some cool digital photos with your Green Laser. (if you don’t have one, get one from DragonLasers.com)

1. Get your digital camera to be in some kind of “slow mode”…. I have a Canon SD750 which has a fireworks mode that will slow down the camera…

Here’s some scribbles to start out…

I was trying to write Zedomax but wrote ZE…

More ZE….

Big Z!

Smiley Face!

More squigleysR

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DIY – Paint Roller Robot

Next time I need to paint my house, I need these… well i’d need a house first though…lol

Here is a good site on making robots out of very ordinary parts. This simple robot can be changed in a number of ways to do basically whatever you want it to do. This little robot is very simple. It simply uses an IR photo transistor connected to a 2N2222 transistor. This transistor is used to drive the motor. This schematic seems to put a lot of current through the photo tran

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