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Real Embedded Systems – Embed your cellphone on your arm!

Ever thought about embedding that cellphone on your arm? Might as well since cellphone do take up so much of your pocket space these days.

But I wonder, is it good for you body with all that electronic emission embedded in yourself. On the bright side, this new cellphone concept will use your bodily fluids to power it.

…would be implanted beneath the skin on your arm — taps into your bloodstream, converting the oxygen and glucose into electric power.

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DIY ROCKET – Homemade Rockets!




Holy cow, check these guys out, they made cool homemade rockets that almost resemble powerful bottle rockets!

This is the first static test with our homemade tar/oxygen hybrid rocket motor. James Turner and myself (Eric Stackpole), and two of our friends, Jeff Bernard and Caleb Lesher did this project last summer because we wanted to learn more about how rocket engines work. We built the rocket in James’ garage in Humboldt County, CA completely out of parts we got at the local hard

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DIY – How to Collect Hydrogen and Oxygen!

Here’s a cool instructable on how to collect some hydrogen and oxygen!

In this instructable I’ll give you a simple way to collect Hydrogen gas and if you want also, to collect Oxygen. Depending on the voltage and current that you use for the project this could be hazardous. I used a 14.4 volt power drill battery pack for the process but don’t recommend it, I only used it to achieve a noticeable effect in a short time period (about 20 minutes).


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Renewable hydrogen energy technology Kit

Here’s a fun kit that will allow you to make energy from air by combining hydrogen and oxygen!

The Exhibition Set is the ideal model for demonstrating renewable hydrogen energy technology to large groups, in classrooms, at trade shows or in the boardroom. Clearly labeled components and gas tubes make the Exhibition Set simple to operate and easy for your target audience to understand. The unit was designed specifically for extended, unsupervis

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DIY Circuit Oxygen Sensor Simulator


Here’s a cool oxygen sensor simulator via hackaday for those of you who need to build some custom control system for your turbo, nitrous, super-charged engines.  I used to have a car that I put a turbo-charger on it.  Well, I had this really crude fuel oxygen control management system using couple

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