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Online Service lets Blind Surf the Internet from any Computer!

Here’s a cool new service that lets blind people surf the internet from any computer.  To use it, the person must be using a Windows PC and type the URL address of the website in order to get to it.

Provided that audio is working on the PC and there’s not internet connection problems, it should be a great solution.  Well, it’s a website really.

New software, called WebAnywhere, launched today lets blind and visually impaired people surf the Web on the go. The tool developed at the University of Washington turns screen-reading into an Internet servic

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Scan Your Face for PC Security!


Here’s a really interesting face scanner security for your PC. I don’t know how their secure the software is but the face recognition technology looks pretty valid.

XID Technologies has recently made a new option available for protecting your own computer: a biometric PC access application called Face LogOn Xpress. In plain English, that’s a face scan. Now, instead of limiting your PC security to a password (or a fingerprint scan, for some devices), you can install a program that s

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